How to make a record of a Near Miss incident?

How to make a record of a Near Miss incident?

1. Open the sidebar and click on Near Miss Register.
2. Under What happened and when?, enter the Incident Title, choose the Incident Type using the dropdown menu, and set the Incident Date and Incident Time by clicking on the respective calendar symbols.
3. Under Where did the incident take place?, choose the appropriate option. If you choose Work, you need to select the Location, Site, Area, Department and Shift. If you choose Home, Driving or Public Transportation, you need to specify details about the location of the incident under Incident Location.
4. Under How high would you rate the risk of injury?, choose the severity of the incident which you feel is most appropriate.
5. Under Describe the Near Miss incident, with images if possible, describe the incident briefly under Incident Summary. If you have any images of the incident - location or injuries caused - you can upload them by clicking on Choose Image.
6. Under What states or errors caused this incident?, select the states you experienced before and during the incident and the errors it caused you to commit, leading to the incident.
7. Under What corrective actions can help prevent such incidents?, choose the corrective action you think would be most appropriate to prevent such incidents in the future. If you select Work on habits, you need to choose one or more habits you think can help prevent such incidents. If a habit you are looking for is not available in the given list, you can choose Others and type in your suggestion in the text box that appears below.
8. Finally, click on Submit to save your Near Miss record.
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